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from our friends at Redfin

8 Key Considerations When Building a Backyard Greenhouse

Redfin asked us for a tip on what to consider when building a backyard greenhouse! Check out their article at the link below to see what we said!

Embarking on the journey of building a backyard greenhouse opens the door to a world of cultivating plants, extending growing seasons, and connecting with nature. However, the success of this hinges on a series of thoughtful considerations that shape the functionality, sustainability, and overall effectiveness of your greenhouse. 

From harnessing the power of climate-conscious design to optimizing water sources, light fixtures, and ventilation, each aspect plays a pivotal role in creating an environment where your plants can thrive. Whether you live in an apartment in Valparaiso, IN, or you own a home in Prescott, AZ, Redfin reached out to experts from across the nation, including us, to share our best tips on how to build a backyard greenhouse. These eight considerations will not only help you meet your horticultural aspirations, but also ensure you have a greenhouse built to last. Be sure to check out 8 Key Considerations When Building a Backyard Greenhouse.