Wurtz “Little Cado” Avocado Tree

Persea americana 'Wurtz Littlecado'


Wurtz "Little Cado" Avocado Tree, or Persea americana 'Wurtz Littlecado', is one of the smaller dwarf avocado trees, great for small spaces. This avocado tree will produce fruit from May to September. This is an easy way to add to or create an edible garden - beauty and purpose in your landscape.
  • Single 5 Gallon
  • The only true dwarf avocado variety, full maturity is 10-12'
  • Frost Sensitive below 32
  • Type A & B pollinator (self pollinating)
  • Blooms late winter through spring, Ripens May through September
  • Can be planted in a container with multiple drainage holes
  • USDA growing zone 9-11
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Care Tip :

Avocados need to be planted in organically rich soil with excellent drainage. Water regularly and more frequently during the growing season of Feb-Sept. It is best to also fertilize your avocado Feb-Sept as well. Plant in full sun, on the south side of your property to protect the tree from extreme wind. Plant 8-10 feet away from buildings. Drape a frost cloth over young trees during hard frost.