Creeping Rosemary


Creeping Rosemary, or Rosmarinus Officinalis ‘Prostratus’, grows in a cascading waterfall. The green needle like foliage with blue flowers provides an intimate backdrop to your outdoor kitchen. The flowing nature of this rosemary is ideal in rockeries, on hillsides, or in window boxes. This addition to your garden will stay green all year long. Excellent winter filler as you await next year's bulbs and perennials to return. Pollinator attraction.
  • Attractive spreading groundcover, peaking at 2' high and 4-8' long
  • Mediterranean flare, providing culinary seasoning
  • Fast grower provides deep blue flowers from Fall to Spring
  • Can be used as a groundcover in landscaping or a cascading waterfall of green stems flowing over a raised bed.
  • Water wise variety, thrives in coastal climate with sea salt air
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Care Tip :

The fragrant groundcover needs to be planted in full sun. Water regularly until established.