Wonderful Pomegranat tree in a black nursery potWonderful Pomegranat tree in a black nursery pot

Wonderful Pomegranate Tree

Punica granatum 'Wonderful'


The 'Wonderful'  Pomegranate variety makes up 95% of the US pomegranate consumer market! This Pomegranate tree is known for it's high yield production. It's also loved for its ornamental value; glossy oval leaves and bright red blossoms.  Spring leaves emerge with a gorgeous light bronze color that ages into rich green.
  • Single 5 Gallon
  • Grow your own Superfood!
  • Edible and Ornamental
  • Blossoms Attract Hummingbirds!
  • Harvest in Fall
  • Mature Height: reaches 8-12 ft
  • Full Sun
  • USDA Zones: 7-10
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Hawaii, Alaska

Care Tip :

Plant in organically rich soil with good drainage. 'Wonderful' Pomegranate is adaptable to a wide range of soil types. Pruning, if needed, is best done in late winter.