New Zealand flax jack Spratt plant in a black nursery containerNew Zealand flax jack Spratt plant in a black nursery container

New Zealand Flax ‘Jack Spratt’ – 4 Pack

Phormium 'Jack Spratt'


New Zealand Flax 'Jack Spratt', or Phormium 'Jack Spratt', is beautiful accent piece to plant in your garden to add height, texture and color. The long sword-like leaves are a rich burgundy adding contrast amongst the greenery. This phormium can also be used for height in a large container when young and transplanted into the landscape as it matures.
  • Dramatic Foliage color
  • Great look for borders
  • Fine container specimen
  • Shipping Size: 12"x8"
  • Shipping Age: 1-2 Years
  • Mature Height: 1-2 ft
  • Mature Spread: 1-2 ft
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Care Tip :

Plant in areas with full sun. Water regularly in its first growing season. This will help establish a good, deep root system. To maintain a nice appearance, remove old foliage. USDA Zone: 9-11