Mini Citrus Bundle – 2 Pack


Comes in a 2 Pack

Bundled combination of two citrus trees of 2 Gallon Size. An Improved Meyer Lemon and a Bearss Lime at around 10-15 inches tall. Both plants ship in a single box.
  • Essential Citrus Varieties for  every gardener!
  • Full harvests begin 1-2 years after purchase
  • Perfect for starting off a home orchard or for new window-box beauties
  • Improved Meyer Lemon
    • California's Favorite Lemon tree
    • Juicy, Golden yellow
  • Bearss Lime
    • Known as the 'Bartenders' Lime
    • Seedless, Juicy, Strong in flavor/aroma
  • Full Sun
  • Can be Grown Indoors
  • USDA Growing Zones: 9-11
  • We cannot ship this product to HI, AK, AZ, FL, TX, LA
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We cannot ship this product to:

Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Texas

Care Tip :

Plant in organically rich soil with good drainage. Citrus require full sun and high-nitrogen fertilizer. Look for a fertilizer that specifies it is for Citrus Trees.