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Lime Bearss Dwarf


The perfect form for a container indoors or out producing juicy, seedless limes with a fragrant aroma left to enjoy.
  • The widely popular Bearss Lime tree is known for its seedless juicy strong flavors.
  • Also known as the bartender’s lime for its broad use in cooking and drinks.
  • Cold hardy lime tree.
  • Fruit turns yellow when ripe in California and green in tropical climates.
  • Perfect container citrus tree that can be brought inside in colder climates.
  • Heavy lime producer.
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GENERAL CARE INSTRUCTIONS : Water Citrus regularly during the first growing season to establish a deep extensive root system. Once the citrus tree is established you can reduce the amount of water being used. To encourage healthy new growth, add a general purpose fertilizer before spring time and prune during winter.