Juniperus ‘Blue Point’ – 4 Pack

Juniperus chinensis 'Blue Point'


Comes in a 4 Pack

The 'Blue Point' Juniper, or Juniperus Chinensis, is a dwarf conical that showcases its blue-gray foliage. This uniform-growing dwarf, with it's natural pyramid form, adds a touch of formality to a garden. This is a low-maintenance dwarf tree.
  • 4 Pack of 1 Gallon Size Plants
  • Accent your area with this uniform-growing dwarf conical that showcases
  • It's blue-gray foliage, it's natural pyramid form and will remain looking great all year.
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Care Tip :

GENERAL CARE INSTRUCTIONS: It's very adaptable and will grow in most well-drained soils. Minimal pruning is required to maintain its shape. Make sure to water it regularly and more often in extreme heat.