Fuerte Avocado Tree

Persea americana x ‘Fuerte’


The Fuerte Avocado, or Persea Americana X ‘Fuerte’, is a producing tree and a perfect way to add edibles to your landscape. You'll need two for cross-pollination. This tree can be 35' at maturity or pruned to work with your landscape.  
  • Single 5 Gallon
  • Native to Southern California
  • Cold hardy down to 28 degrees, lower heat tolerance than other varieties
  • Type B pollinator (needs an A pollinator to produce bountiful crop, we recommend Hass or Mexicola)
  • Grows up to 35 feet with wide sprawling canopy at full maturity, but can be pruned to stay shorter
  • Blooms May to November, Ripens November to April
  • USDA growing zone 9-11
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Care Tip :

Avocados need to be planted in organically rich soil with excellent drainage. Water regularly and more frequently during the growing season of Feb-Sept. It is best to also fertilize your avocado Feb-Sept as well. Plant in full sun, on the south side of your property to protect the tree from extreme wind. Plant 8-10 feet away from buildings. Drape a frost cloth over young trees during hard frost.