Dwarf Olive Shrub

Olea europaea ‘Petite Olive’


The Dwarf Olive Shrub, or Olea Europaea, will transform your home into a Mediterranean oasis with this slower growing fruitless olive tree. The dense habit makes this a candidate for a path border shrub with an informal symmetry. Charming in containers flanking a doorway or even trimmed up into a topiary. This evergreen shrub will enhance any space.
  • Single 5 Gallon
  • Widely popular in Western states (mainly California & Nevada)
  • Rich green tops and subtle silver bottoms illustrate the leaf coloring on this non-fruit bearing dwarf olive shrub
  • Slow growing and easily trained into a formal hedge or topiary tree
  • Left alone this olive variety requires little fuss for a natural look
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Care Tip :

Plant in full sun in adequate drained soil. Water well for the first year while roots become established then reduce frequency of watering. Prune to desired shape in winter.