Container Scapes


Comes in a 4 Pack

Choose from our six hand picked arrangements that require full sun and the same growing environment. The aesthetically pleasing color palettes and leaf blades are an adorable combination ready to be planted in any pot. No need to fuss over the perfect plant combinations, we’ve got that covered. In each box you will receive 4- 1gallon size plants, delivering a mature potted plant look. Choose a pot design to your liking (Ideal pot size is 18”-21” in diameter; the measurement across the opening of the pot) and VOILA! 
  • Contains Four Unique 1 Gallon Plants
  • USDA Zone: 8-11
  • Blooms from Spring through Summer
  • Handpicked plants to create the ideal arrangement
  • All four plants require the same growing environment
  • Full Sun
  • Regular Water
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Alaska, Hawaii

Care Tip :

Fill the bottom 1/4th of your pot/container with large rock or gravel. Fill your container with a soil amendment made for container planting. Arrange all 4 plants in designated areas you wish them to be displayed. Keep a minimum of 5” between each plant to allow for growth. Dig hole slightly larger than each root ball and remove plants from the black cans. Backfill around the root ball with amended soil taking care to ensure the plant is not planted too deep. The root ball should still be visible after completing the backfilling. Water deeply to settle soil. Yellow or dropping leaves are a sign of over watering and/or poor drainage.