Clementine Mandarin Semi-Dwarf Tree

Citrus × clementina


Grow your own Clementine Mandarin Semi-Dwarf tree to enjoy the cute, staple fruits we buy bagged from grocery stores across America. With this prolific producer, you'll have more than enough sweet treats to fill the whole families lunchboxes!
  • The same beloved variety sold in bag at the grocery store!
  • Smallest Mandarin we have for sale
  • Single 5 Gallon
  • Great in ground or for container gardening
  • Ripens Oct-Dec
  • Small vitamin C packed snack
  • Yellow-Orange Fruits
  • Citrus arrives 30"-36" tall (excluding container height)
  • Cold Hardy
  • We can not ship citrus trees to Hawaii, Alaska, Texas, Florida, Louisiana and Arizona.
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We cannot ship this product to:

Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Florida

Care Tip :

Water Citrus regularly during the first growing season to establish a deep extensive root system. Once the citrus tree is established you can reduce the amount of water being used. If you have good drainage, Citrus like regular watering. But they do not like to be soggy. To encourage healthy new growth, add a general purpose fertilizer before spring time and again during summer. Prune during winter to maintain optimal tree size.