Burgundy Iceberg Rose – Patio Tree

Floribunda Rose


Our Burgundy Iceberg Rose tree is full of blooms all summer long! Clusters of roses bloom in burgundy red and white. Two bloom colors on one plant! Already trained to perfect shape, maintaining this beauty is easy as pie, for old and new gardeners alike.
  • Grafted rose that produces both White and Burgundy roses
  • Prolific bloomer, producing clusters of roses
  • Prune to encourage repeat blooming throughout summer
  • Fragrant blooms
  • Low maintenance variety that is thorn less and disease resistant
  • Vigorous growth, can be maintained as a mound or grown into a hedge form
  • Full sun, heat tolerant
  • Deciduous, prune heavily in late winter
  • USDA growing zone 5-9
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Care Tip :

Plant in organically rich soil with good drainage. Plant in full sun and prune back heavily in late winter to promote spring growth.